• The Future of Health: Integrating Personalized Health & Functional Medicine


    Professional Education Series

    As healthcare professionals, we all know there must be a better way.

    We play an important role in assisting and facilitating healing from pain, injury and disease, but how do we engage our clients to be responsible and accountable to take ownership of their own health?

    Where do we even start?

    Join us as we discuss the principles of personalized health in a casual forum and look through the lens of today’s innovations and their power to transform health and medicine Рto raise the bar of personalized health service around the world and realize that the health of the future is already here today.

    At this event you will:

    • gain valuable insight into why our clients react the way they do and what it takes to achieve optimal wellness, compliance and sustainable change in all areas of health
    • discover how you can provide your clients with truly personalized health, all based on the sciences of epigenetics, phenomics, and endocrinology.
    • tap into the power of new technologies that integrate cutting edge scientific research and ancient medical wisdom.

    Are you ready to support yourself and the people you care for?

    Join Us!


    Matt Riemann, founder of the Ultimate Human Foundation, is an author, educator and world-renowned expert in the field of personalized health. He trains health practitioners and fitness professionals around the world. Matt is a regular speaker at health conferences, universities, and has addressed the United Nations, World Health Organization, and acted as an adviser to the US Army. He now spends his time educating and inspiring leaders to take control of their health and empower others to do the same.