San Francisco


The Future of Health: Integrating Personalized Health & Functional Medicine

Discover the Future of Healthcare and become a leader in Personalized Health.

Matt Riemann, author, educator and internationally renowned expert in personalized health and future medicine, will be delivering a once-off event for San Francisco Health Professionals.

This must-attend event will focus on understanding futuristic concepts and techniques and how the future of healthcare affects everything from the way we currently treat clients through to the longevity of our profession. Matt will cover many aspects of health, including:

  • insights from ancient medical wisdom & international research
  • modern, alternative, integrative and functional medicine advancements
  • future medicine, disruptive biotechnology and explosion of the “omics”
  • epigenetics and the personalized, predictive & preventative health movement
  • generational outcomes: US healthcare, government & chronic disease

Learn first hand and experience for yourself how the science of endocrinology, anthropometry and epigenetics can predict your clients health status and direct optimal management.

This purely fascinating and educational event will take a closer look at how combining science, medicine and technology allows a predictive and preventative approach to keep you on the cutting edge of future health care and utilize truly personalized interventions to gain unprecedented results.

For information or questions please call Jules: (310) 808-7236.